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Below is a high-level list of standard features,
each of which is included with every email hosting package.
Webmail Webmail allows you to access your email from any web browser, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, without needing to install any email software on your computer.
Search Webmail includes built-in Search, providing webmail users with the ability to find email messages as quickly as they can search for them.
Shared Calendaring Shared calendaring will allow you to track all of your meetings, view other calendars, and share your calendar with others from within webmail.
Company Directory The company directory is populated with contact information from within the control panel and can be accessed by all employees via webmail's contact manager.
Feeds The feed manager allows you to subscribe to blogs and other RSS feeds from within webmail. Feeds are also accessible via desktop email software and wireless devices.
Contacts The contact manager allows you to store address book information for an unlimited number of contacts and groups—all information is accessible from within webmail.
Task Lists Task lists will allow you to create multiple task lists, quickly add tasks from anywhere in webmail, and sort tasks by complete or incomplete.
Control Panel The control panel allows email administrators to manage their account settings, create, modify, and delete mailboxes, setup aliases, and much more.
POP3/IMAP/SMTP These are standard protocols that allow you to use your favorite desktop software like Outlook and Thunderbird and wireless devices such as Blackberry and Treo.
Spam Filtering Our Spam DNA Filtering® system protects you from spam and allows administrators and users to blacklist and safelist senders, and control the filtering sensitivity.
Virus Scanning Our dual-scanning virus protection incorporates two separate anti-virus scanners for maximum protection from computer viruses and security threats.
99.99% Uptime We strive for 100% uptime for all email hosting services and we offer a very competitive service level agreement—guaranteeing 99.99% uptime.
1GB, 5GB, or 10GB Mailboxes Plans come with 1GB, 5GB, or 10GB of storage, per mailbox. Additional storage can be added on a per mailbox basis to 1GB email accounts.
50MB Attachments Incoming and outgoing message size limits are set to 70 MB. This allows a 50 MB file to be attached because MIME encoding adds 33% to size.
SSL and TLS Encryption We provide SSL encryption for POP/IMAP/SMTP/Webmail in order to encrypt your data so that others cannot view it. This is very important for passwords and confidential emails.
Unlimited Email Aliases You can create as many email aliases as needed, each of which can forward to a total of 50 email accounts. Up to four of those recipients can be sent to external email accounts.
Domain Aliases You can create up to 50 domain aliases. When an email is sent to a domain alias, the email is automatically directed to the corresponding email account in the original domain.
Checking External Mail Users are able to set up third party email accounts within the webmail interface. This allows users to check email from multiple accounts from a single webmail interface.